A Goofy Movie is the second and last theatrical movie based on a Disney Afternoon series; in this case, it is a follow-up to Goof Troop. It was released in theaters on April 7, 1995 and was notably the directorial debut for Kevin Lima, who later went on to direct Tarzan, 102 Dalmatians, and Enchanted.

The movie was followed up by a direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie, five years later.


Max Goof, now in high school, goes out of his way to try to impress his love interest, Roxanne, by putting on a concert where he performs as pop singer Powerline. When Principal Mazur tells Goofy that Max could face capital punishment for his behavior, Goofy takes Max with him on a fishing trip with him to Lake Destiny, Idaho, despite the fact that Max was planning to go out with Roxanne to a party to watch Powerline's upcoming concert. When he tries to tell Roxanne that he won't be able to make their date, Max instead ends up telling her that his dad knows Powerline and is taking him to the concert.


Voice actor Character
Bill Farmer Goofy
Jason Marsden Max Goof (speaking)
Aaron Lohr Max Goof (singing)
Jim Cummings Pete
Kellie Martin Roxanne
Rob Paulsen P.J.
Pauly Shore Bobby Zimuruski
Wallace Shawn Principal Mazur
Jenna von Oÿ Stacey
Frank Welker Bigfoot
Kevin Lima Lester the Possum
Florence Stanley Waitress
Jo Anne Worley Miss Maples
Brittany Alyse Smith Photo studio girl
Robyn Richards Grinning girl at Lester's
Julie Brown Lisa
Klée Bragger Tourist Kid
Joey Lawrence Chad
Pat Buttram Possum Park Emcee
Wayne Allwine Mickey Mouse
Herschel Sparber Security guard
Tevin Campbell Powerline


  • When Goofy is changing Max into his fishing outfit, he strips Max of his pants which reveals his black buttocks, even though he was wearing underwear.
  • A child's buttocks are revealed when she runs away from Pete and chases Goofy, excited about him fishing.
  • This movie does not include Peg nor Pistol, suggesting Peg divorced Pete and took Pistol with her. But the main reason they aren't in there is because neither of them factored into the father-son story intended for the plot.
  • It is possible Max doesn't like fishing as in the case of "Slightly Dinghy", when Max tried retrieving some old treasure, but risked thunder and lightning as well as a small fish in a big robot shark.
  • This movie may contain some references:
    • When Max screams art running into a tower is similar to how he screamed from running down in the car to Spoonerville in the first episode.
    • Max temporarily takes the wheel like how he did in "For Pete's Sake".
    • When Max and Goofy are camping is similar to when they went camping in "You Camp Take It With You". Both times, they ended up encountering Pete and P.J. and ran into some wild life, Humphrey and his son the first time, and Bigfoot the second time.
    • Max and Goofy falling into the river is similar to Goofy and Pete falling into a river in "Cabana Fever".
    • One of the students has a similar expression to a girl like Danielle Wrathmaker.
    • He was compared to his father in "Meanwhile, Back at the Ramp". In the movie, he is afraid of becoming his father.
    • The scene where Max is in the air saving his dad is like when P.J. was in air and Pete rescues him in "From Air to Eternity".

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