"Allowance Day" is the seventy-seventh episode of DuckTales.


In order to receive their allowances ahead of time so they can buy a new scooter, Huey, Dewey and Louie trick Scrooge into believing it's Saturday instead of Friday, resulting in mass confusion worldwide.


Memorable quotesEdit

Scrooge: Fenton, it's Saturday! You were supposed to sign that lease extension yesterday!
Fenton: That's what I don't understand, Mr. McDuck! I flew out here yesterday, but when I arrived, it was already tomorrow. Talk about your long flights!
Scrooge: Wait a minute. You did leave yesterday, which was Thursday. That means today should be Friday!
Fenton: Right now, I'd be happy if it was Tuesday and this was Belgium!

"Gleep! But I'm too young to die! And too nice! And much, much too nervous!"
—Fenton after General Chiquita sentences him and Scrooge to be executed

Scrooge: What's going on? High noon isn't for another hour!
General Chiquita: I thought I would save you needless anguish by moving up the execution.
Fenton: Bu-but I was just starting to enjoy my anguish!

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