Big Time Beagle is one of the seven recurring Beagle Boys featured in DuckTales, voiced by Frank Welker. He is a cunning member of the group whose placard reads "167-671" and is often in charge of the group unless their mother Ma Beagle is in the episode.

In spite of his name, Big Time is the shortest of the recurring DuckTales Beagles, next to Babyface. He was usually accompanied by Burger, Bouncer, and Baggy.

Big Time is one of the smarter and more cunning Beagle Boys, and he is always seen acting as the leader of the group in the absence of Ma Beagle. He is short tempered and short in stature, being the smallest member of the group (in "Scroogerello", he mentions wishing he was taller). His patience is often tested by his brothers, most notably the dimwitted Baggy and Burger's tendency to lose focus. This is not helped by the fact that he is rarely seen teaming up with the smarter Beagles, along with Burger and Baggy he usually works with Bouncer who isn't much brighter.

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