Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
CnDRR comic book issue 1.jpg
The cover to the first issue.
Schedule Monthly
Publisher(s) Disney Comics
Publication date April 1990-October 1991
No. of issues 19

The Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers comic book published by Disney Comics was the first of two different comic book series based on the animated television series of the same name. It was one of the company's eight initial titles and ran for nineteen issues from the company's launch in April 1990 to October 1991, making it the longest-running Disney Afternoon comic book (not counting Disney Adventures) as of 2019.

Like the DuckTales comic that ran alongside it, the Rescue Rangers comic regularly ran multi-part stories that would span over at least two issues. The first two issues were a condensed comic adaptation of the show's 5-part "origin episode", "To the Rescue", and issue #3 (which was the first part of a 4-issue arc) was loosely based on the episode "Piratsy Under the Seas".

Issues #7 and #14 featured different contents from the regular content of the book. The seventh issue presented three stories intended for overseas comic distribution, shown as flashbacks the Rangers have during the time that passes between the end of issue #6 and the start of issue #8. The fourteenth issue contained English translations of three stories originally printed in Le Journal de Mickey.

Due to the Disney Comics Implosion, the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers title was cancelled in November 1991, and as a result, the 20th issue, mentioned on the letters page of the final published issue, never saw print. Disney would publish several new Rescue Rangers comic stories in Disney Adventures from then through September 1994, but the story planned for issue #20 was never printed.

Issue guide

Cover Issue # Published
CnDRR comic book issue 1.jpg 1 April 1990
Featured stories:
Rescue Rangers Issue 2.jpg 2 May 1990
Featured stories:
  • "Rescue Rangers to the Rescue! - Part 2"
CnDRR comic book issue 3.jpg 3 June 1990
Featured stories:
  • "The King of Beasts Caper - Part 1: Lair of the Pi-Rats!"
CnDRR comic book issue 4.jpg 4 July 1990
Featured stories:
  • "The King of Beasts Caper - Part 2: The Mysterious Box!"
CnDRR comic book issue 5.jpg 5 August 1990
Featured stories:
  • "The King of Beasts Caper - Part 3: Danger Island"
CnDRR comic book issue 6.jpg 6 September 1990
Featured stories:
  • "The King of Beasts Caper - Part 4: The Conquest of the King!"
CnDRR comic book issue 7.jpg 7 October 1990
Featured stories:
  • "Yesterday's News!"
    • "The Cheese Caper"
    • "Big Binky Boy Boo-Boo"
    • "The Flynapping"
RescueRangers8.jpg 8 November 1990
Featured stories:
  • "Coast to Coast - Part 1: Crazy Crocs and the Catastrophe Cookhouse"
CnDRR comic book issue 9.jpg 9 December 1990
Featured stories:
  • "Coast to Coast - Part 2: Westward Bound and Gagged!"
CNDRR comic book issue 10.jpg 10 January 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Coast to Coast - Part 3: Lights, Camera... Furball!"
CnDRR comic book issue 11.jpg 11 February 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Coast to Coast - Part 4: Bobo Wiggle's Circus Surprise!"
CnDRR comic book issue 12.jpg 12 March 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Coast to Coast - Part 5: Showdown at the Hoedown!"
CnDRR comic book issue 13.jpg 13 April 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Raining Cats and Dogs!"
CnDRR comic book issue 14.jpg 14 May 1991
Featured stories:
  • "The Shark of the Park"
  • "The Mystery of the Missing Mice"
  • "Cobra Kadabra"
CnDRR comic book issue 15.jpg 15 June 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Who Will Rescue the Rescue Rangers?"
CnDRR comic book issue 16.jpg 16 July 1991
Featured stories:
  • "Wasps and Frogs and Rats... Oh, My!"
CnDRR comic book issue 17.jpg 17 August 1991
Featured stories:
  • "For the Love of Cheese"
CnDRR comic book issue 18.jpg 18 September 1991
Featured stories:
  • "The Ghastly Goat of Quiver Moor! - Part 1"
CnDRR comic book issue 19.jpg 19 October 1991
Featured stories:
  • "The Ghastly Goat of Quiver Moor! - Part 2"

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