Circe is a minor antagonist who appeared in the DuckTales episode "Home Sweet Homer".

Circe is a powerful and dangerous sorceress who seeks to claim leadership of Ithaquack. But in order to do so, she has to get rid of King Homer. Using her magic pool, she finds Homer slipping away in a boat in search of help. She decides to unleash her Time Twister spell and send Homer to a time where any help he finds would be just as "useless" as he. But as she starts to invoke the spell, her cat swipes at the twister with his paw, disrupting the spell. And the twister instead brings Scrooge and the nephews into the past. She angrily turns her cat into a furry pig for ruining her spell and tells him to scat. When Scrooge's boat sails through the gap, Circe decides to isolate Ithaquack from the outside world. Circe uses her magic to close the gap, but Homer, Scrooge, and the nephews manage to jump off the boat before it gets crushed by the cliffs.

After Circe discovers that Homer has evaded danger once again, she concludes that Scrooge is a "powerful sorcerer" and that she has to be even more sneaky. She disguises herself as Queen Ariel while turning the real queen (whom she had already captured) into a pig. Once Scrooge states that he does not rely on magic, Circe reveals her true identity and turns Homer and Scrooge into pigs.

Later that night, Huey, Dewey, and Louie decide to check up on Scrooge and Homer. After seeing what has become of them, the nephews decide to stop Circe for good. They creep into Circe's bedroom while she's asleep and quietly remove her medallion. But the cat screeches when he sees the nephews and Circe suddenly snaps awake. When Circe sees that the nephews have taken her medallion, they make a run for it. Circe corners Dewey, but he passes it over to Huey. Circe is worried that the nephews will break her medallion if they keep toying around with it, so Louie tells Huey to do just that. Huey throws Circe's medallion, and it shatters against the cavern wall, dispelling her magic. The sorceress is upset that the nephews have ruined everything for her. While everyone Circe transformed reverts back to normal, the sorceress herself turns into a pig and runs off just as the Time Twister takes Scrooge and the nephews back to their own time.

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