Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition is a Marvel Omnibus-style book published by Joe Books as a lead-in to their Darkwing Duck revival comic book. It contains revised reprints of issues #1-16 of the previous Darkwing Duck comic that was published by Boom! Studios (including both stories from Darkwing Duck Annual #1), along with a new epilogue that led in to the new comic (replacing the no-longer-canon crossover arc "Dangerous Currency").[1][2]


Story Original publication
(US printing unless otherwise noted)
"The Duck Knight Returns" Darkwing Duck #1-4
"Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" Darkwing Duck #5-8
"Toy With Me" Darkwing Duck Annual #1
"The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle"
"F.O.W.L. Disposition" Darkwing Duck #9-12
"Campaign Carnage" Darkwing Duck #13-16
"Epilogue" N/A
"The Secrets of Darkwing Duck" Lustiges Taschenbuch Premium #5: Darkwing Duck - Der Schrecken der Nacht (Germany)

Differences from the original issuesEdit

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Visual changesEdit

  • Several dialogue balloons are noticeably resized, or even moved to a different part of the panel, to make room for the revised dialogue.
  • Thought balloons noticeably have thinner outlines.
The Duck Knight Returns
  • Issue #1
    • Page 5, panel 1: The Quackwerks employee's dialogue balloon is now written in all-caps.
    • Page 5, panel 3: Drake's mouth is open rather than shut. This was notably how the panel appeared in the previews for the original issue.
  • Issue #3
    • Pages 2 and 3: Launchpad's hair color is corrected (in the original version, it was miscolored as white). Also, "BUDDA" sound effects are added for the Crimebots' lasers.
    • Page 5, panel 5: The "KKKRRRIIIISHHH" sound effect is recolored.
    • Page 8, panels 2 and 3: Negaduck's teeth are removed.
  • Issue #4
    • Page 5, panel 3: The "ZNK" sound effect has been removed.
    • Page 6: The "ZZZOP", "ZZING", and "ZBOW" sound effects are recolored, and the "BING!" sound effect is removed.
    • Page 20, panel 6: Jambalaya Jake's beard and eyebrows are recolored correctly.


  • On the title page, Tad Stones was mistakenly credited for writing "Toy With Me".
  • In the cover gallery, James Silvani's cover art for issue #12 was mistakenly labeled "Cover 8A".


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