Darkwing Duck #3 was the third issue of the Darkwing Duck comic book published by Boom! Studios, and the third part of "The Duck Knight Returns" arc.


"The Duck Knight Returns - Part 3"Edit

Written by: Aaron Sparrow (plot)
Ian Brill (script, original version only)
Art by: James Silvani
Penciled by:
Inked by:
Lettered by: Deron Bennett
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Originally published in:

Launchpad McQuack is back in action - but some of Darkwing's old foes are determined to make sure that his reunion with the Duck Knight is short-lived! And the shadowy figure behind Quackwerks is revealed!

Memorable quotesEdit

Darkwing: You're right! Putting on this suit, sitting in this cockpit with my family, it reminds me that St. Canard needs its protector! I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the passive-aggressive note left on the employee breakroom refrigerator, typed in Comic Sans!
Gosalyn: Oh yeah!
Darkwing: I am DARKWING DUCK!
Launchpad: It's good to hear ya say that, D.W. There, uh... there aren't exactly a lot of positions open for sidekicks/pilots.
[Just the other day...]
Launchpad: [holding up the Ranger Plane] I can pilot this!
Gadget: No. No you cannot.


Reprint historyEdit

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