Darkwing Duck Issue #8 was the eighth issue of the Darkwing Duck comic book published by Boom! Studios, and the conclusion of the "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" arc.


"Crisis on Infinite Darkwings - Part 4"Edit

Written by: Ian Brill (original version)
Aaron Sparrow (Definitively Dangerous Edition)
Art by: James Silvani
Penciled by:
Inked by:
Lettered by: Deron Bennett
Colored by: Andrew Dalhouse
Originally published in:

With The Crisis on Infinite Darkwings reaching its zenith, an old evil (and no, we're not talking Uncle Scrooge here people!) reemerges as the true source of St. Canard's terrible water troubles! Cringe as both hero and villain find themselves treading turbulent terror! Gasp as the Darkwing Ducks rally to turn the tide toward triumph! Run to pick up the exciting conclusion of "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings"!


  • Diego Jourdan's "B" cover is an homage to the cover of Batman #227.
  • Ian Brill's original script for this issue was very different than what ultimately ended up being printed. Originally, when Paddywhack crashed the battle, Magica was to flee the scene immediately, and all the alternate Darkwings would promptly disappear without ever being shown breaking free from her spell as a result. This would've ultimately made Magica's part in the story arc pointless, and would also have robbed the alternate Darkwings of their heroic redemption later on. Also, Negaduck was originally to have been easily beaten in his battle against Darkwing because he was suffering from anxiety due to his previous capture by the Crimebots (a bit of this was left in the finished issue in the form of Paddywhack saying there is "so much fear" in Negaduck, but the Definitively Dangerous Edition version fixes this by changing it to "so much anger"), and in the end, the Herobots would've instead been the ones to ultimately defeat Paddywhack.

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