Darkwing Duck #5 is the fifth issue of the Darkwing Duck comic book published by Joe Books.


The Kitty Cat Caper!Edit

Written by: Aaron Sparrow
Art by: James Silvani
Penciled by:
Inked by:
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Take a dive into the Darkwing Files as D.W. and Launchpad McQuack recount the first time they met the fearsome feline foe we know as... Fluffy! True fans will remember Fluffy from comics of yesteryear, but in this story, our heroes can't quite agree on how the battle went down.

Memorable quotesEdit

Darkwing: Now... we play the waiting game.
Launchpad: Ooh, I love that one! Er... that's the one with the little battleships, right?
Darkwing: Ah ha! The salacious scum of St. Canard always slip up... and Darkwing Duck is the one with the mop!
Launchpad: Er... you mean your mopping makes them slip up, or that you're there to clean up after them?
Darkwing: Remember my lessons on heroic metaphors and their usage! Given the sequence of events, which do you think is more appropriate?
Launchpad: Well... the crime already occurred, so they didn't slip up... carry the one... so that means you're here to clean up!
Darkwing: Excellent, Launchpad! We'll make a leading man of you yet!

"Not so fast, Duck! I'm going to edit you for television! And I warn you... crucial scenes shall be cut!"
—Tuskerninni, saying a line of his that was cut from the original version of the story

Megavolt: It'll all be over soon, Launchpad! You'll never know watt hit you!
Launchpad: Ha! There's one thing that electricity and bad puns can never penetrate... the ol' duck and cover!
Megavolt: Bad puns?! You didn't say anything when your boss dropped that "pink slip" stinker...
Fluffy: Thankth to Doctor Meddle, I have a mega geniuth I.Q.! It wath I who led you here! I, who planted the thandwich retheipt! It wath I who--
Darkwing: --misspelled the ransom note!
Fluffy: Thilenth! Thothe... were typo'th. You try typing with no finger'th.


Differences from the original comic storyEdit

  • Vladimir Gryzlikoff, who wasn't in the original story, appears in the scene at S.H.U.S.H. headquarters in this version.
  • In the original version of the story, Fluffy himself is the cat who steals the satchel while Darkwing and Launchpad weren't looking. In this version, it is instead a grey cat who is one of Fluffy's minions, which was what intended in Doug Gray's original script.
  • Jambalaya Jake appears in place of Steelbeak.
  • The fight scene with all the villains includes a gag with Bushroot being more concerned about the mess everyone's making.
  • Tuskerninni's "edited for television" line and Citizen Kane reference, which were cut from the original version, are reinstated here.
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