Disney Adventures Volume 1, Number 12 was the twelfth issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon comicsEdit

TaleSpin: "The Rise of the Pillager Queen"Edit

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DuckTales: "Dr. Duck and Scrooge McHyde"Edit

Magica De Spell sprays Scrooge with a potion that turns him into a spendthrift (again).


  • This issue also included a 1978 Beagle Boys comic story from Denmark, titled "The Jubilee Coup" and originally published in Anders And & Co. #1979-43. For its printing here, it was labeled as a DuckTales comic despite having predated the show by about nine years.
  • In addition to the above-listed comics, this issue also included a new Roger Rabbit comic titled "Too Many Toons".

Reprint historyEdit

"The Rise of the Pillager Queen" was reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #7.

"Dr. Duck and Scrooge McHyde" was reprinted in Disney's Colossal Comics Collection #8.

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