Disney Adventures Volume 3, Number 10 is the 34th issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon comicsEdit

Goof Troop: "Automania" (Part 1)Edit

Written by: Bobbi J.G. Weiss
David Cody Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: Anibal Uzal
Inked by: Raul Barbero
Robert Bat
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Pete attempts to book an appearance by Max and P.J.'s favorite TV superhero, Rad Rat, at his car lot, but is only able to book his car, the Rad Rod. Max and P.J. then try to take their photos in the Rad Rod without Pete knowing, but things take a turn for the worse when they accidentally crash it!

Darkwing Duck: "Vogue's Gallery"Edit

Written by: Bobbi J.G. Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: Phil Ortiz
Inked by: Dave Hunt
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Darkwing and Launchpad find themselves battling the suddenly-sentient costumes of every villain in St. Canard!

Memorable quotesEdit

Pete: Of all the stupid characters around, my son has to idolize a mutant rat!
P.J.: He's more than a rat, Dad--
Pete: He's a rat an' that's that, y'hear?! Now throw that broken piece o' trash away!
Max: But you don't understand, Mister P! Rad Rat's a--a hero and a positive behavior model for young people like us, right, Peej?
P.J.: Uhh--right, Max! A real hero model for young behaviors like us!


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