Disney Adventures Volume 3, Number 7 was the 30th issue of Disney Adventures, and notably the first issue to include a comic story based on Bonkers.

Featured Disney Afternoon comicsEdit

Bonkers: "Brain Man"Edit

Written by: Kevin Campbell
Art by:
Penciled by: Jose Massroli
Inked by: Raul Barbero
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

Bonkers has to deliver a monster brain to Dr. Lizzardstein (played by Roderic Lizzard). When he arrives and accidentally knocks out the doctor, he takes on the duty of completing the monster himself and ends up unleashing it on the village.

Darkwing Duck: "Super Union Blues Part 2"Edit

Written by: Doug Gray
Art by:
Penciled by: Cosme Quartieri
Inked by: Robert Bat
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

While Launchpad works on snapping Darkwing out of his forced retirement, Gizmoduck finds out that Mr. Wonderful is actually working for F.O.W.L. and rushes off to alert Darkwing... with the still-duped S.P.U. members coming after him.


Launchpad: Darkwing! Darkwing! Sadistic mimes from Dimension X have invaded St. Canard! They're out there now annoying people even as we speak! Sounds to me like an irresistible set-up for a buncha swell sight gags! So whaddaya say, D.W., huh? Shall I get the ol' Ratcatcher warmed up, huh, D.W.? Whaddaya think?

Drake: Could you get out of the way?! I've never seen this episode of Pellican's [sic] Island before! I wanna see if they manage to get rescued this time!
Launchpad: Oh, D.W., listen to yourself! You're talkin' crazy! [turns off the TV] They'll never get off that island!

Drake: Hey! Turn that back on!!
Mr. Wonderful: There's today's main event, team--sadistic mimes from Dimension X who think they can fool us by impersonating our allies! Proceed with the pounding, won't you? There's a good team!

Darkwing: Now hold on just a dang minute!
Lenny: He's talking--!?!?!

Mr. Wonderful: See? They're not even good mimes!
Darkwing: --And what have we all learned here today?

Gizmoduck: "We should always do a complete background check before we stupidly join up with the first bozo who asks."
Lenny: "We should never try to run a fellow super-hero out of town when he decides not to stupidly join up with us."
Screaming Mimi and Monkeyflash: "We should get a real power before we stupidly join up with a stupid super-hero team."
Darkwing: And what else?
Gizmoduck: I don't think we missed any, Darkwing!
Darkwing: You missed the most important one!
Gizmoduck: Which one was the mos--

Darkwing: "Stay out of MY CITY!!"


  • This issue's Comic Zone also included "Razing Arizona", notably the final Roger Rabbit comic to appear in Disney Adventures.

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