Disney Adventures Volume 5, Number 1 was the fiftieth issue of Disney Adventures. It was notably the first issue to include a Gargoyles comic story.

Featured Disney Afternoon comicsEdit

Gargoyles: "A Study in Stone"Edit

Written by: Michael Reaves
Art by:
Penciled by: Pat McEown
Inked by: Ian Akin
Lettered by: Bill Spicer
Colored by: Sam Parsons
Originally published in:

Xanatos and Owen do an overview of the Gargoyles as a way of finding out what they're up against (as well as introducing the show and characters to the readers).

DuckTales: "The Legend of the Chaos God - Part 4: Tow for Broke"Edit

Written by: Bobbi J.G. Weiss
David Cody Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: Cosme Quartieri
Inked by: Carlos Valenti
Robert Bat
Lettered by: Bill Spicer
Colored by: Jo Meugniot
Originally published in:

The morning after the incident in Spoonerville, Pete's car has been towed all the way to Duckburg, and Fenton Crackshell is calling Scrooge on the phone about it. Scrooge refuses to pay for this, insisting to Fenton that he did not hire to have a crashed car towed from Spoonerville. Floyd, the tow trucker, is too tired from driving all night to put up an argument with the world's richest duck and goes to rent a hotel room, telling Fenton to leave the car where it is now. As Fenton tries to figure out what he's going to do about the broken car, he suddenly hears a seemingly-faint voice calling for help inside the hood. When Fenton opens the hood and gets his hands on the crystal calling out to him, Solego gloats that Fenton is now his next victim. Fenton immediately signals to transform into Gizmoduck, but Solego quickly takes control of the Gizmosuit himself and kicks Fenton out of it. Instead of killing him, though, Solego decides to let Fenton live for providing him with his new armored body.

Solego then wheels off in search of Scrooge's Money Bin, when suddenly Huey, Dewey and Louie come riding up on their bikes and ask (what they think is) Gizmoduck why he's speeding away from Scrooge's Money Bin. Solego promptly then speeds back to the Money Bin and breaks open the door, setting off all the alarms. However, when he gets inside, he finds he does not feel the medallion's presence, and figures it may not actually be here. Scrooge then comes up and asks what's going on, to which Solego responds by demanding he bring him the medallion. The nephews and Fenton then catch up to Solego, eventually followed by the police, and ask who he is. Solego, after letting the ducks know that he is the Chaos God and not "this Gizmo-creature", blasts a hole in the wall and leaves, having deduced that his medallion's setting isn't in the Money Bin. As the police chase after the Chaos God, Dewey looks up Solego's name in the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, which also mentions Professor Simon Potsherd. Scrooge realizes that Professor Potsherd can help them out here and sends his private jet to pick him up.

Late that night, an odd man enters Scrooge's office, but it is not the expected Simon Potsherd, but rather his now grown-up son, Bisk. After Scrooge and Bisk recount some exposition about Scrooge finding the gold setting (Scrooge found the gold setting laying in a coral reef off the coast of Wauie-Zauie in 1962, and although he refused to sell it back to the Potsherds, he was at least willing to let them use it for the Rakkinroon exhibit's museum tour), Scrooge and Fenton explain what happened today. Bisk is aghast to learn that his father was indeed right about the existence of the Chaos God, and proceeds to elaborate on the whole story:

Solego was once the most powerful sorcerer of the ancient world who conquered numerous cities and destroyed anyone who opposed him. But one day, a young wizard named D'Shane created a magical crystal cage with which to imprison Solego. He managed to fight off Solego and split the evil sorcerer in two, imprisoning Solego's immortal mind in the red crystal and trapping his powers in the crystal's gold setting. To keep the two halves separated, D'Shane created a jade block that kept them just out of reach. Centuries later, Simon and Bisk came upon the jade block in the Temple of Duumingluum, and Simon took the halves out of the jade block to study them, making sure to never let them touch, and also attaching the chain to the crystal. Simon had then packed both pieces to be transported to Cape Suzette, but both of the pieces were seemingly lost.

Back in the present, Bisk tells Scrooge that only magic can stop the Chaos God, and that's something they don't have, so the best thing they can do is keep the gold setting hidden in the Money Bin, in hopes that even Solego will have a tough time getting it out. Unfortunately, Scrooge explains that he sent the crystal to be cleaned over at a jewelry shop he owns in St. Canard. Scrooge tells Fenton to rush over to St. Canard and "do whatever [he] can to help Gizmoduck", and then places a call to S.H.U.S.H. headquarters. When Bisk asks him why, Scrooge says that it's because there's only one man who can help them now - Darkwing Duck.

TaleSpin: "True Baloo"Edit

Written by: Bobbi J.G. Weiss
David Cody Weiss
Art by:
Penciled by: Jorge Sanchez
Inked by: Robert Bat
Rubén Torreiro
Lettered by: Bill Spicer
Colored by: Valerie Dal Chele
Originally published in:

Shere Khan hires the Higher for Hire crew to go to the island of Wannanonow to find the Mirror of Truth, a mirror that shows anyone who looks into it what they're really like on the inside.

Memorable quotesEdit

Scrooge: Stop! Thief! You rotten--Gizmoduck?!? What's the meaning of this?! You've set off every alarm in the place!
Solego: Mortal, I have come for my medallion! Bring it to me or DIE!
Scrooge: Something tells me that's not Fenton in there!
Scrooge: Ah! St. Canard operator? Get me S.H.U.S.H. headquarters--this is an emergency!
Bisk: S.H.U.S.H.--??
Scrooge: Aye! There's only one person in St. Canard who can help us now, and that's... Darkwing Duck!

"You know, Baloo, it is amazing how many treasures you find that I take away from you!"
—Don Karnage


  • In addition to the above-listed stories, this issue also included a Nervous Rex comic titled "Kismet".
  • This was the last issue of Disney Adventures to regularly have a comic story appear as a "Feature Comic" at an earlier point in the issue. This feature would, however, occasionally resurface in the September 1997 issue and other later issues.

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