Disney Adventures Volume 7, Number 14 was the 87th issue of Disney Adventures.

Featured Disney Afternoon stories

Timon & Pumbaa: "The X-Piles"

Written by: Brian Swenlin
Art by:
Penciled by: John Costanza
Inked by: Dave Hunt
Lettered by:
Colored by:
Originally published in:

In a parody of The X-Files, Timon and Pumbaa investigate a mysterious pile of flashlights that have mysteriously appeared in the Pridelands.

Memorable quotes

Pumbaa: Gee, Timon, tell me we're not wearing these clothes in an ill-advised attempt to spoof a popular sci-fi show?
Timon: Of course not, Pumbaa. Don't be Scully! Er, I mean, silly. Don't be silly.
Pumbaa: Ooh, nice save, Timon. You're one clever fox.
Timon: Yeah, yeah. Can we just get on with the story?


  • "The X-Piles" appears at an earlier point in this issue than the other comics, making this the first Disney Adventures issue to have a "Feature Comic" since the November 1994 issue almost three years earlier.
  • This issue's Comics Zone also included a Doug comic story titled "Doug's Tall Tale" and an edited excerpt from Jeff Smith's Bone #4.
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