DuckTales Gladstone Issue 1.jpg
The cover to the first issue.
Schedule Semi-monthly
Publisher(s) Gladstone Publishing
Publication date July 1988-February 1990
No. of issues 13

The DuckTales comic book published by Gladstone Publishing was the first of three different comic books based on the series of the same name. It ran for thirteen issues from July 1988 to February 1990, after which it was replaced by the DuckTales comic book published by Disney Comics.

Each issue of Gladstone's DuckTales comic featured at least one story based specifically on the show, usually by either the Jaime Diaz Studio or William Van Horn, and almost all the issues (with the exception of issue #8) also contained reprints of older Uncle Scrooge stories written and drawn by Carl Barks. The first two issues contained stories adapted from the episodes "Armstrong" and "Jungle Duck", with reprints of two Barks stories that had been adapted into DuckTales episodes, "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" and "The Giant Robot Robbers".

From issue #3 to issue #12, the comic also included a guide featuring descriptions of every episode from the show's first two seasons, listed in production order, with an appendix in issue #12 listing which episodes were adaptations of Carl Barks stories. The last installment of the episode guide, interestingly, contained full descriptions of "Ducky Mountain High", "The Duck Who Knew Too Much", and "Scrooge's Last Adventure", nine months before any of them aired on TV!

When the Uncle Scrooge comic license returned to Gladstone in 1993, they did not revive and continue the DuckTales book, likely due to the show having long ended by that point. However, several stories originally published in Gladstone's DuckTales comic (particularly those written by William Van Horn) would be reprinted in later issues of Uncle Scrooge published by Gladstone and Gemstone Publishing.

IDW Publishing's DuckTales Classics trade paperback, published in 2018, includes all of the stories that William Van Horn wrote and drew for this comic.

Issue guide

Cover Issue # Published
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 1.jpg 1 July 19, 1988
Featured stories:
  • "Armstrong"
  • "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" (Carl Barks reprint)
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 2.jpg 2 August 16, 1988
Featured stories:
  • "Jungle Duck"
  • "The Giant Robot Robbers" (Carl Barks reprint)
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 3.jpg 3 October 25, 1988
Featured stories:
  • "The Lost Valley"
  • "The Round Money Bin" (Carl Barks reprint)
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 4.jpg 4 November 22, 1988
Featured stories:
  • "The Crown Jewels Affair"
  • "The Whole Herd of Help" (Carl Barks reprint; re-labeled as a DuckTales story for some reason)
  • "Flights of Fancy"
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 5.jpg 5 January 24, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The Fountain of Laughs"
  • "Two-Way Luck" (Carl Barks reprint)
  • "Seeing the Blight"
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 6.jpg 6 February 28, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The Abominable Snowduck"
  • "A Sweat Deal" (Carl Barks reprint; 1-page gag)
  • "Coin of the Realm"
DuckTales Gladstone issue 7.jpg 7 April 18, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "Windfall on Mt. G'zoontight"
  • "The Invisible Intruder" (Vic Lockman/Carl Barks reprint)
  • "Star Island Treasure"
DuckTales Gladstone issue 8.jpg 8 May 16, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The Bedeviled Dime"
  • "Sidereal Estate"

Note: This is the only issue to not include a reprint of any Carl Barks story (unless one also doesn't count the Vic Lockman-written story in the previous issue).

DuckTales Gladstone Issue 9.jpg 9 July 18, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The Oil Pirates"
  • "Billions in the Hole" (Carl Barks reprint)
  • "The Phantom Barnstormer"
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 10.jpg 10 August 15, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The Whistling Ghost"
  • "Interplanetary Postman" (Carl Barks reprint)
  • "The Daft McDuck"

Note: "The Daft McDuck" is labeled as a DuckTales story, but was not actually written as one. It instead appears to be a standard Uncle Scrooge story, with a few references to DuckTales thrown in to the dialogue.

DuckTales Gladstone Issue 11.jpg 11 October 24, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "Sky-High Hi-Jinks"
  • "The Odd Order" (Carl Barks reprint; 1-page gag)
  • "Cave of Ali Baba" (Carl Barks reprint)
  • "The Bird Camera" (Carl Barks reprint; 1-page gag)
  • "The Magic Lamp"
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 12.jpg 12 December 12, 1989
Featured stories:
  • "The City Under the Ice"
  • "Myhthic Mystery" (Carl Barks reprint)
DuckTales Gladstone Issue 13.jpg 13 February 13, 1990
Featured stories:
  • "The Billion-Bean Stampede"
  • "The Nose Knows" (Carl Barks reprint; 1-page gag)
  • "Scottish Scares!"
  • "A Spicy Tale" (Carl Barks reprint)
  • "Unk-Unk"

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