DuckTales Magazine is a children's magazine based on the TV show of the same name, published on a quarterly basis from the summer of 1988 to the fall of 1990.

Issue guideEdit

Cover Details
DuckTales Magazine Summer 1988 Released: Summer 1988

Featured comic: "The Puzzle of the Lost Pyramid"

No image available Released: Fall 1988

Featured comic: "The Hidden Treasure of Quackistan"

No image available Released: Winter 1989

Featured comic: "The Hounds of Smothering Heights"

No image available Released: Spring 1989

Featured comic: "The Great Bubblegum Disaster"

No image available Released: Summer 1989

Featured comic: "Terror on The High Seas"

No image available Released: Fall 1989

Featured comic: "Marooned on the Moon"

No image available Released: Winter 1990

Featured comic: "Road Rally"

DuckTales Magazine Spring 1990 Released: Spring 1990

Featured comic: "Back in Time for a Dime"

DuckTales Magazine Summer 1990 Released: Summer 1990

Featured comic: "The Count of McDuck"

No image available Released: Fall 1990

Featured comic: "Scrooge's Nose Knows Gold"

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