DuckTales Remastered: Official Game Soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the video game DuckTales Remastered as well as the original DuckTales video game. The album's tracks were composed by Jake Kaufman, with the exception of the tracks from the original NES game, which were composed by Hiroshige Tonomura. It was released as a digital download on April 29, 2014; a physical release has never come out.

On track 25, the DuckTales theme song is truncated to use just the lyrics heard in the standard version. This is despite the fact that in the actual game, the credits sequence uses the full version of the theme song.


# Track title Composer Length
1 Title Theme Jake Kaufman 0:55
2 Trouble in Duckburg Jake Kaufman 0:49
3 Money Bin Jake Kaufman 4:11
4 Quack-A-Rooney Jake Kaufman 2:32
5 Scrooge's Office Jake Kaufman 2:50
6 I'll Be a Roast Duck Jake Kaufman 1:10
7 The Amazon Jake Kaufman 4:22
8 Transylvania Jake Kaufman 3:59
9 Well Bless Me Bagpipes Jake Kaufman 2:27
10 African Mines Jake Kaufman 4:44
11 The Himalayas Jake Kaufman 3:38
12 The Moon Jake Kaufman 3:36
13 I've Got a Bad Feeling About This Jake Kaufman 2:55
14 Boss Battle Jake Kaufman 2:56
15 Mount Vesuvius Jake Kaufman 3:50
16 Dracula Duck Jake Kaufman 2:49
17 The Dime Chase Jake Kaufman 1:51
18 Game Over Jake Kaufman 0:05
19 Gyro's Hidden Stage Jake Kaufman 2:12
20 Or Rewrite History Jake Kaufman 0:06
21 Death Jake Kaufman 0:04
22 Stage Complete Jake Kaufman 0:06
23 Magic Coin Jake Kaufman 0:24
24 The Richest Duck in the World Jake Kaufman 0:55
25 DuckTales Theme and Credit Medley Jake Kaufman 3:05
26 The Moon (Piano Arrangement) Jake Kaufman 3:28
27 Title Theme (8-Bit Version) Capcom 1:55
28 Trouble in Duckburg (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 0:47
29 Money Bin (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 2:17
30 Quack-A-Rooney (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 2:19
31 Scrooge's Office (8-Bit Version) Capcom 0:40
32 The Amazon (8-Bit Version) Capcom 1:50
33 Transylvania (8-Bit Version) Capcom 1:55
34 Well Bless Me Bagpipes (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 1:45
35 African Mines (8-Bit Version) Capcom 2:00
36 The Himalayas (8-Bit Version) Capcom 1:40
37 The Moon (8-Bit Version) Capcom 2:05
38 I've Got a Bad Feeling About This (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 2:24
39 Boss Battle (8-Bit Version) Capcom 1:00
40 Mount Vesuvius (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 3:26
41 The Dime Chase (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 1:11
42 Game Over (8-Bit Version) Capcom 0:04
43 Gyro's Hidden Stage (8-Bit Version) Capcom 0:55
44 Or Rewrite History (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 0:04
45 Stage Complete (8-Bit Version) Capcom 0:04
46 Magic Coin (8-Bit Version) Capcom 0:40
47 The Richest Duck in the World (8-Bit Version) Jake Kaufman 0:51
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