DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is, as its title suggests, the album release of David Newman's full score for DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. It was released by Intrada Records in 2017 as the 372nd volume of their Special Collection series.

The "End Credits" medley does not include the instrumental to the DuckTales theme song, as it was composed by Ron Jones.

The physical album has since gone out of print, but the album was made available digitally on Spotify, Pandora, YoutubeMusic, Google Play, and Deezer in May 2020.

Track list

# Track title Length
1 Coming In For A Landing 1:56
2 The Seal Of Collie Baba 4:34
3 The Pyramid (Alternate) 2:55
4 The Ducks Use Their Marbles 1:10
5 Webby Discovers The Lantern 4:43
6 Scrooge Gets Depressed 1:17
7 Back Home 0:22
8 Meet The Genie 2:30
9 Mrs. Beakley Meets The Elephant 1:39
10 Ice Cream Sundae From The Sky 1:43
11 The Story Of The Talisman 2:25
12 Morning Becomes Merlock 1:00
13 Merlock Sneaks Into The Mansion 6:01
14 Scrooge Gets The Lamp 0:20
15 I Wish For The Treasure Of Collie Baba 1:48
16 Merlock Goes For Scrooge 6:16
17 Dijon The Master 4:25
18 Mission Impossible 5:45
19 Merlock Takes Control 10:06
20 End Credits 4:18
The Extras
21 The Pyramid (Original) 2:54
22 Merlock Goes For Scrooge (Long Version) 2:27

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