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Gargoyles was a series of comics published by Marvel Comics, based on the animated series of the same name. It ran for 11 issues from December 1994 to October 1995. The books referenced events from the show's first season, but did not follow the continuity of the series and is not considered canon by creator Greg Weisman.

The Marvel series was tonally darker than the television series, dealing largely with Xanatos' experiments to create creatures and machines to defeat the Gargoyles. Although Greg Weisman did not have any direct involvement in the story development of the comic series, he was consulted on some plot points to be sure it stayed within certain boundaries.

Weisman was eventually hired to write for the comic, but Marvel cut the deal with Disney before his run could be produced. Weisman still held on to his unpublished script for the comic, and would eventually use it as issue #6 of the Gargoyles SLG comic.

The characters Beth Maza (who appeared in a photo in "Deadly Force") and Petros Xanatos appeared in the comics before their full debut on the show.

Issue guide

Cover Issue # Featured story Published
Gargoyles comic1.jpg 1 "Fiends in High Places" December 1994
Gargoyles comic2.jpg 2 "Always Darkest Before Dawn" January 1995
Gargoyles comic3.jpg 3 "Rude Awakening" February 1995
Gargoyles comic4.jpg 4 "Blood From a Stone" March 1995
Gargoyles comic5.jpg 5 "Venus in Stone" April 1995
Gargoyles comic6.jpg 6 "Venus Rising" May 1995
319px-GargoylesMC07.jpg 7 "The Pack Attacks" June 1995
Gargoyles comic8.jpg 8 "Terror in Times Square" July 1995
Gargoyles comic9.jpg 9 "The Egg and I" August 1995
Gargoyles comic10.jpg 10 "Out of the Past" September 1995
Gargoyles comic11.jpg 11 "Into the Future" October 1995

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