The Gargoyles comic book published by Slave Labor Graphics is the second comic book series based on the animated series of the same name. Unlike the previous Gargoyles comic published by Marvel Comics, this one is actually canon to the show, as it was written by series' creator Greg Weisman and continued the storyline of show from the first two seasons, supplanting the third season, The Goliath Chronicles, which Weisman and most fans also consider non-canonical.


The continuation of the animated series, which picks up after the climactic three-part season/series finale, "Hunter's Moon", at the end of the second season. The first two issues of the comic translate the only third season (The Goliath Chronicles) episode Weisman considers to be canon, "The Journey" (which he wrote), with issue #3 beginning the new storyline. Weisman has confirmed that the comic starts in 1996, just after the conclusion of "Hunter's Moon". Issue #10 was the first issue set in 1997.


In June 2005, it was announced that a series of Disney-licensed, bi-monthly Gargoyles comic books would be created by Slave Labor Graphics in association with CreatureComics. Gargoyles #1 was released on June 21, 2006 and promptly sold out, ensuring a second printing. After an extended delay, Gargoyles #2 was released on December 13, 2006.

Issue #6 contained an error: the artwork on page 12 and 16 was switched, even though the text is correct. Slave Labor acknowledged this error, and the corrected issue was reprinted on November 14.

Greg Guler, character designer for the original TV series, and Stephanie Lostimolo produced the cover art for each issue. Story art was primarily produced by David Hedgecock and colored by Dustin Evans, although issues #4, #5, and #6 were drawn by guest artists. Gargoyles #6 used an unpublished script that Weisman wrote for the Marvel series.

In August 2008, Greg Weisman announced that, due to Disney increasing its licensing fees, Slave Labor Graphics would not be renewing its license of Gargoyles after it ran out on August 31, 2008. The final four issues of Gargoyles, and the final two issues of spin-off comic Bad Guys were released in the respective trade paperbacks collecting both series in August 2009. Weisman also stated that SLG President Dan Vado has not given up on the Gargoyles franchise, and hopes to pursue the idea of Gargoyles graphic novels in the future.

Issue guide

Cover Issue # Featured story Published
Gargoyles01Cvr.jpg 1 "Nightwatch" June 21, 2006
As the public learns of the existence of gargoyles in NYC, the Manhattan Clan goes into hiding atop the Eyrie Building while an anti-gargoyle group known as the Quarrymen are formed by John Castaway. Meanwhile the police set up a task force led by Matt Bluestone to deal with the issue. When Goliath later visits Elisa to discuss their troubles, the two find themselves on the run from a squad of Quarrymen.
No image available.png 2 "The Journey" December 13, 2006
Elisa and a wounded Goliath are pursued through Manhattan by the murderous Quarrymen, while a debate about gargoyles between ADA Margot Yale and "Lennox MacDuff" continues on the local news.
Gargoyles SLG Issue 3.jpg 3 "Invitation Only" March 28, 2007
Xanatos arranges a Halloween costume party on top of the Eyrie Building, and the gargoyles plan to attend, pretending to be wearing gargoyle "costumes." However, Elisa and Goliath's relationship has taken a sudden turn. And the shadowy Illuminati are making plans of their own concerning the gargoyles.
No image available.png 4 "Masque" May 16, 2007
The gargoyles mingle with humans in the Eyrie building under cover of a costume party. Thailog returns from his supposed death to claim his "property", and Xanatos is absent from his own party, visiting the White House.
No image available.png 5 "Bash" July 18, 2007
The confrontation between Thailog, Goliath, and the clones turns violent, and Delilah must choose a side. Meanwhile, Xanatos meets with a mysterious man in Washington D.C.
No image available.png 6 "Reunion" October 10, 2007 (original error printing)
November 14, 2007 (fixed reprint)
Thailog is told of a lost tale from the Avalon World Tour by his new executive assistant. The tale involves Goliath and company meeting up with Coldstone in the Himalayas. The issue ends with Xanatos meeting up with a familiar face.
No image available.png 7 "The Rock" December 12, 2007
Macbeth is aided by Lexington and Hudson to safeguard the Stone of Destiny while it's being taken from London to Scotland. Meanwhile Xanatos prepares for his mission from the Illuminati and recruits Coldsteel and Coyote (Now 5.0).
No image available.png 8 "Rock & Roll" March 26, 2008
After Macbeth and the gargoyles make their acquaintance with the London Clan, they unite to protect the Stone from Coldsteel.
No image available.png 9 [Rock of Ages" August 2009
The Gargoyles, now joined by Coldstone and Coldfire, continue their fight to protect the Stone from Coldsteel, while their opponents implement the rest of their scheme. (This was David Hedgecock's last issue as artist for the series, due to his inability to stay on schedule.)
No image available.png 10 "The Gate" August 2009
The Phoenix Gate returns to Manhattan, breaks into the Phoenix itself and whisks Brooklyn back to 997 Scotland in the first trip of his 40 year Timedance.
No image available.png 11 "Tyrant" August 2009
No image available.png 12 "Phoenix" August 2009
Brooklyn and Demona's clan join the fight against the usurper King Constantine. Back in 1997, Goliath's brooding about his clan's survival is interrupted by a pair of unexpected and joyous reunions and additions to the family.

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