Gene the Genie is a DuckTales character introduced in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.


Originally known simply as Genie, he was contained within a magic lamp and obligated to grant three wishes to whoever came into possession of it. However, he found himself in a very different situation when his lamp was acquired by Merlock the Magician. Merlock's talisman forced the Genie to grant Merlock infinite wishes, including immortality and the destructions of both Atlantis and Pompeii. Fortunately, the lamp was eventually stolen by Collie Baba, who hid it with his treasure to insure that the Genie's powers would never again be abused.

The Genie's lamp was eventually found by Scrooge McDuck and given to Webby Vanderquack; as a result, it did not fall into Merlock's hands when he and Dijon stole Collie Baba's treasure from Scrooge. She and Huey, Dewey and Louie eventually discovered the Genie. After learning of Merlock from the Genie, the children resolved to keep him a secret. However, his cover identity as their friend "Gene" was eventually blown after the children used up all their wishes.

Scrooge then became master of the lamp, and ended up using two of his wishes before losing it to Dijon. Merlock subsequently succeeded in reclaiming it, and forced the Genie to turn Scrooge's Money Bin into his old fortress and lift it into the sky. He then forced Genie to blast Scrooge out of the fortress, but Scrooge eventually succeeded in recovering the lamp. Scrooge then used his last wish to make Genie a normal boy, Gene, thus ending the danger of his magic being used for evil ever again.


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