"Just Us Justice Ducks", released on VHS as "Justice Ducks Unite!" is a 2-part episode of Darkwing Duck, originally aired on The Disney Afternoon on October 2nd and 3rd of 1991. It is notably the first appearance of Negaduck (not to be confused with the less familiar Negatron version who appeared in the earlier episode of the same name).


Part 1Edit

Negaduck, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Megavolt, and Liquidator all join together as the Fearsome Five to defeat Darkwing Duck and take over St. Canard. When the other superheroes (Neptunia, Gizmoduck, Morgana, and Stegmutt) hear about this, they band together to form the Justice Ducks. Darkwing, who wants all the credit for the Fearsome Five's defeat, is less than thrilled -- but when he faces the Fearsome Five, he soon finds out the job is more than he can handle.

Part 2Edit


The Justice Ducks are each defeated and captured by the Fearsome Five. Darkwing soon becomes their only hope, and the five heroes join in battle against the five villains, with the ultimate victors deciding the fate of the whole city.


  • Due to the show's anachronic airing order, this episode also marks the first appearance of Stegmutt, Neptunia, and the Liquidator, as well as Gizmoduck's first appearance on Darkwing Duck; their actual introductory episodes ("Jurassic Jumble", "Something's Fishy", "Dry Hard", and "Tiff of the Titans", respectively) all ended up airing later.
  • Negaduck says "Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company!", a line from the closing song of The Mickey Mouse Club.
  • On the captions of the VHS release of the episode, Negaduck's name is misspelled as "Megaduck".

Memorable quotesEdit

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night! [aside to Morgana] Stand back, you might get some blood on ya. I am the single career man all women want to date! I am-- [one of Quackerjack's toy dentures bites his foot] Ouch! Quackerjack?!?
Quackerjack: No, I'm Quackerjack! You are Darkwing Duck.

"Ha! I'm back! It'll take more than two treacherous transgressors to taint the track record of... Darkwiiiiing... Yak?!"
—Darkwing after Morgana changes him into a yak

Darkwing: Fe fi fo fumǃ I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am-- [a lightpost collapses on his head] ...Stegmutt.
Stegmutt: I thought I was Stegmuttǃ
Liquidator: Just when you thought it was safe to commit crimes: a dinosaur!
Bushroot: Oh, I hope he's not a plant-eater!
Stegmutt: I got your change, Darkwing. I'm sorry, are you busy?
Darkwing: Busy? No, no. I'm only standing here with Liquidator and Bushroot, the most dangerous criminals ever, and WE'RE PLAYING "LET'S PRETEND"!
Stegmutt: Oh boy! I love "Let's Pretend"!
Liquidator: Yeah! Let's pretend! Let's pretend he's on fire!
Bushroot: Yeah! Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!
Darkwing: Nice try, Greensleeves, but--
Stegmutt: [grabs Darkwing and starts smacking him against the ground] Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!
Liquidator: Four out of five dentists surveyed say it's time for us to get out of here!
Darkwing: [after being crushed by the beanstalk] This is the second most painful moment of my life.
Stegmutt: [pulls him out from under it] What was the first most painful?
Darkwing: "Put out the Darkwing! Put out the Darkwing!"

"This is the third most painful moment of my life."
—Darkwing after Neptunia throws him across St. Canard

Darkwing: Negaduck! So you're behind all of this!
J. Gander Hooter: Who-what-eh... two Darkwings?!
Darkwing and Negaduck: [in unison] Don't you believe it, J. Gander?! This fiend is my archnemesis, Negaduck! ...Oh no, you don't! You're the lecherous liar known as Negaduck! ...I beg to differ! You're the erroneous executor of evil known as Negaduck! ...OOOOH!! Would you cut that out?!
Negaduck: At the bridge, I planted a tiny crumb of bread from our questionable room service. It should lead Darkwing Duck here right about... now. [opens the door, tripping Darkwing as he enters]
Darkwing: Aaah! You thought I'd never find you...!
Negaduck: I see you found the crumb. I knew you wouldn't notice the enormous flag.
Gosalyn: Dad, you're OK!
Darkwing: No, I'm dirt. I'm worse than dirt. I'm lower than low. I am not the terror that flaps in the night! [sobbing] I am the self-centered boob who hands over the city at the drop of a dime. I'm a gipnoid, a slug, a spud-motherin' jackanape.
Launchpad: Aw, c'mon. You're not a slug!
Darkwing: Flowers for Negaduck!
Negaduck: I hate flowers.
Darkwing: Did I say "flowers"? I meant skulls! Skulls for Negaduck!
Negaduck: I'll be right there. [goes into the elevator] This had better be good....
Darkwing: [when the elevator door opens] Did I say "skulls"? I meant...ANVIL! [slingshots massive anvil through door, into Negaduck] Awww. I dented my anvil.
Negaduck: You thought he was me? You were going to kill... ME!?!?!
Megavolt: No! No! We knew it was Darkwing!
Bushroot: But we were just testing, see?
Quackerjack: Uh, didn't we already kill Darkwing Duck?
Bushroot: Aah! The ghost of Darkwing Duck!
Liquidator: He's baaaaaack!
Negaduck: Just... GET HIM NOW!

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Do not add water!"
—Liquidator getting drenched in pudding mix

Home video releasesEdit


  • Darkwing Duck: Justice Ducks Unite!


  • Darkwing Duck: Volume 1

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