King Homer is Queen Ariel's husband in the DuckTales episode "Home Sweet Homer".

Background Information

Homer was the leader of Ithaquack, and seemed rather unpopular. He ascended the throne at a young age, upon the death of his uncle, King Ulysses. The people of Ithaquack were annoyed at having a king who was inexperienced and nerdy, as opposed to the manly man Ulysses had been. To make matters worse, Ithaquack was targeted by the evil witch Circe, who sought to overthrow Homer, thinking that would be easy with such a weakling on the throne. Homer, however, had already gotten wind of Circe's plans, and fled Ithaquack by boat. Circe located him using her magic, and commented maybe he is not so cowardly as everyone makes him out to be. Circe sought to banish Homer to the far future, but the spell was interrupted by her cat, which caused Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie to be taken from the 20th Century to Ancient Greece instead! There they saw Homer's boat in danger, and took him aboard Scrooge's yacht. Homer told them that it was the work of Circe's magic medallion that brought them to the past. He told Scrooge and the nephews that the sirens would hypnotize them into being eaten, but he and the boys rescued Scrooge from the sirens. He was fooled by Circe when she was disguised as his wife, Queen Ariel. He told her that he and the others escaped crashing cliffs, storms and monsters so he might get rid of wicked Circe. When Circe revealed herself, he was shocked that he was tricked and asked the evil sorceress what she has done to Ariel. She showed him what she has done to her by also turning him into a pig. At the end of the episode he and Ariel were back to normal and finally rid of the evil sorceress. 

Physical Appearance

Homer has light brown hair and wears a blue headband. He also wears a blue Greek outfit, a gold chain and matching gold armlets.


  • Homer was named after and based off of the author of The Odyssey and The Illaid.

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