Merlock the Magician, voiced by Christopher Lloyd, was the primary antagonist of DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.


In the film, Merlock is a previous master of Gene the Genie, having acquired his lamp at some point. By placing his own magical talisman upon the lamp, Merlock gained the ability to make unlimited wishes. His first wish was to gain eternal life, while subsequent wishes resulted in the destruction of both Atlantis and Pompeii, and the creation of anchovy pizza. However, his reign of terror was halted when the legendary thief Collie Baba stole the lamp from him, eventually hiding it away with his treasure.

Merlock spent centuries searching for the lamp, and in the present day recruited Dijon to assist him in recovering it. This led to Dijon infiltrating Scrooge McDuck's expedition to find Collie Baba's treasure. After Scrooge's party succeeded, Merlock and Dijon stole the treasure and left them to perish, unaware that Webby Vanderquack had taken the lamp. Upon discovering the lamp's absence, he set out to find Scrooge and recover it.

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