Mickey Mouse is one of the world's best known cartoon characters, created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928 as Disney's new star, following the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Charles Mintz and Universal Studios. Though his first produced film was the silent short Plane Crazy (no relation), Mickey made his theatrical debut in Steamboat Willie, which has the distinction of being the first sound cartoon short. In more recent times, for several decades, Mickey's active animation career became secondary to his more visible role as the face and mascot of The Walt Disney Company.

Despite being Disney's most famous cartoon character and having hosted his own television program, The Mickey Mouse Club, in the 1950s, Mickey ironically did not star in any shows created for the Disney Afternoon, other than receiving a guest spot in the Bonkers episode "I Oughta Be in Toons" and a cameo in A Goofy Movie. However, he did appear prominently in the original opening and end credits sequences for the block, and also starred alongside the Disney Afternoon characters in Mickey's Magical TV World at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Darkwing Duck comic book writer Aaron Sparrow has noted that he wanted to do a story for the comic that would've had Mickey teaming up with Darkwing to battle the Phantom Blot.[1]

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Mickey and Donald in A Goofy Movie

Mickey's cameo in A Goofy Movie.

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Steamboat Willie photo in Bonkers
  • In the Darkwing Duck episode "Comic Book Capers", Launchpad McQuack remarks "DW is really somethin', starrin' in his own comic book. Just like Mickey Mouse!" (Ironically, around the time the episode aired, Mickey's current comic book, Mickey Mouse Adventures, got cancelled.)
  • In the Bonkers episode "Of Mice and Menace", the steering wheel that Mickey piloted at the beginning of Steamboat Willie is shown to be on display at the Toon Museum, right under a framed photo of the iconic scene of Mickey steering the riverboat from the short. Later in the episode, Bonkers dresses up two of the mice as Mickey.
  • In the Bonkers episode "Springtime for the Iguana", Bonkers, trying to convince Roderick Lizzard to play a monster, brings up how Mickey got his start in "the lowly role of a steamboat captain." (It should be noted that Pete was actually the captain in Steamboat Willie, and Mickey was his deck hand.)


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