Suff-Rage Darkwing Duck

Constance A. Dention is a villain introduced in Boom! Studios' Darkwing Duck revival comics, first appearing in the "Campaign Carnage" arc. She is a politician of little name who got the chance to become one of the strongest supervillains in all of St. Canard and unsurprisingly came to the conclusion that morals are overrated. Adopting the moniker Suff-Rage, she at first used her ability to generate piercing illusions to pretend that the supervillain and the politician were different people as part of an ambitious plan to boost both careers. Suff-Rage overplayed her hand and lost everything, but remains proud of her accomplishments. Unreasonable this is not, because as the only known person able to control the ink, she is something out of the ordinary.

After her arrest, Constance would reappear in "Orange is the New Purple" in the first three issues of Joe Books' short-lived continuation, having changed her supervillain identity to Misteressterious.

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