Super DuckTales is a five-part serial from the second season of the Disney animated series DuckTales. Originally aired as a television movie on The Magical World of Disney, it served as the introduction to Fenton Crackshell and his alter-ego GizmoDuck.


Part 1: "Liquid Assets"Edit

In order to move his Money Bin after the Beagle Boys change the new freeway route, Scrooge hires an accountant, and Fenton Crackshell gets the job.

Part 2: "Frozen Assets"Edit

Fenton wearing the Gizmosuit

Fenton becomes Gizmoduck for the first time.

After accidentally losing the Number One Dime to the Beagle Boys, Fenton makes several attempts to get it back, eventually becoming the cybernetic superhero GizmoDuck.

Part 3: "Full Metal Duck"Edit

GizmoDuck becomes a sensation with the people of Duckburg – that is, until Ma Beagle and her smartest son, Megabyte Beagle, make a remote control with which to make him work for them.

Part 4: "The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club"Edit

After the Beagles get GizmoDuck to steal Scrooge's fortune for them and land Scrooge in jail, the nephews work to save the day.

Part 5: "Money to Burn"Edit

Alien robots invade and steal Scrooge's Money Bin so that it can be melted down to produce more metal.

Memorable quotesEdit

"A day without looking at me Money Bin is like a day without sunshine!"

Launchpad: [on walkie-talkie] Launchpad to Mr. McDee, Launchpad to Mr. McDee. The Money Bin and I are on a roll.
Scrooge: Just make sure you don't roll into anything. [hears some noises over the walkie-talkie] What's all that racket?
Launchpad: Eh, nothing to be concerned about. Just a little fender-bender, that's all.
Scrooge: [hears people screaming] Why are people screaming?
Launchpad: Ah, the sissies never saw a shopping mall collapse before. But don't worry; I'm okay!
Scrooge: How far are you from the mountain I bought?
Launchpad: I'd say about an hour, give or take a crash or two. Ooh, kiss that billboard goodbye. Launchpad, over and out!

"You goofs! What am I supposed to do with an empty Money Bin?! Live in it, like the old lady in the shoe?"
—Ma Beagle

Fenton: The Money Bin's full! Your frozen assets are now lukewarm.
Scrooge: Good, Fenton! Every last dime's been accounted for?
Fenton: Yup! Except for the dime I used to make this call.
Scrooge: Dime? What dime?!
Fenton: Oh, just an old shiny one.
Scrooge: In a glass case?!
Fenton: Yeah, but I'll pay you back.
Scrooge: That was the first dime I ever earned, you idiot! Why else would it be in a case?!
Fenton: Blabberin' blatherskite! I thought it was for emergency phone calls!
Scrooge: Get it back, now! Or you're FIRED! [phone explodes in Fenton's face]
Fenton: I think he's mad.

"Of course you know, this means a skirmish."
—Fenton after his first failed attempt at retrieving the Number One Dime from the Beagles (but only in the serialized version; see trivia below)

Fenton: [in disguise] Hi, Ma! It's me, Bermuda Beagle, back from being lost for twenty years in the Bermuda Triangle!
Ma Beagle: Bermuda Beagle? I don't remember a son named Bermuda. 'Course, I got more boys than a toad has warts!
Fenton: Ah, the old place looks just like I remember it!
Baggy: Ahhh, but we didn't live here twenty years ago.
Fenton: B-but what does it matter? The point is, we were together, a family. And by golly, any low-down worm that disagrees, he'll just have to take it up or we'll forklift it out of his hide. Speaking of hide, let's Beagle-bond a bit with a rousing game of hide-and-seek!
Burger: Ooh, ooh, goody! Who's gonna be it?
Fenton: Let's flip for it! Heads I win, tails you lose. Anybody got a bag full of dimes we could use?
Ma Beagle: Hold it, you canine counterfiet! Look at this family photo. No Bermuda!
Fenton: Uh, would you believe I was adopted?
Fenton: Wakey-wakey. Hello, little boy. I'm the Tooth Fairy, and have I got a deal for you.
Baggy: Uh, really?
Fenton: Yes. If you give me that bag of dimes, I'll give you this bag of teeth.
Big Time: Better hang onto those - I think you're gonna need 'em!
Ma Beagle: Oh, this party is a dream come true! Who'd have thought I'd be hob-knobbing with Duckburg's finest?
Big Time: What're you talkin' about, Ma? You've been in most of their homes before.
Ma Beagle: Yeah, but only to swipe their silverware.

"It's thieves like them who are making the world a lousy place to live for thieves like us!"
—Ma Beagle after Huey, Dewey and Louie escape


  • The ending of "Liquid Assets" (more specifically, the Beagles' attempts at breaking the dam) is based off of Carl Barks' first story to feature Scrooge as the main character, "Only a Poor Old Man".
  • When Fenton is disguised as "Bermuda Beagle", he wears a prison placard that reads "12345".
  • One of the criminals in the jail Megabyte is in looks exactly like Mad Dog McGurk from "Duckman of Aquatraz".
  • When the Gizmosuit's battery runs dead, Mrs. Crackshell repowers it by hooking it up to a car nearby. This experiment would be repeated in the Darkwing Duck comic story "Watt's the Problem!"
  • Although Webra Walters says that she's quitting in "Full Metal Duck", she would make several more appearances in later episodes as well as on Darkwing Duck.
  • Webby only appears in "The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club", and she doesn't have any lines.
  • "Full Metal Duck" is a reference to the movie title Full Metal Jacket.


The original broadcast "movie" version had the following edits:

  • Fenton's quote, "Of course you know, this means a skirmish," (an obvious parody of one of Bugs Bunny's catch phrases) was changed to "Okay, so they're looking for a skirmish!"
  • When Fenton first transforms into Gizmoduck, the very brief "tuna can" animation that accompanied his line "I'm being canned like a tuna!" was removed.
  • The scene where Gizmoduck helps a kid out of a tree was skipped over (and as a result, so was Doofus Drake's cameo, which is notably his last appearance in the series).
  • The scene where Fenton finds that the Gizmosuit's battery has run out and Mrs. Crackshell repowers it was cut.
  • The entire sequence of Ma Beagle's fancy party, and Scrooge's attempts to sneak into it, were completely skipped over.
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie's infiltration of the mansion was trimmed down to remove the gag about them getting each other mixed up as well as the scene of Huey and Dewey hiding among the stuffed animals.

When "Liquid Assets" was shown on Toon Disney, the scene where Scrooge threatens Fenton by shooting him is cut out. Unfortunately, this edit led to some confusion among new viewers, because it also cuts out Scrooge testing Fenton's counting ability immediately afterward. Likewise, a similar scene in "The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club" where Ma Beagle fires a gunshot during her game of bridge was also cut. These scene were fortunately restored for the DVD release in 2007, but are missing from the iTunes and Amazon Instant Video release.


  • When Bouncer remarks "Yeah, [we're getting Ma] a nest egg for her retirement!", he speaks in Baggy's voice.

Video releasesEdit

  • DuckTales: Volume 3
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