The Disney Afternoon was an anthology comic book published by Marvel Comics, relating to the syndicated programming block of the same name. It ran for ten issues from September 1994 to July 1995. It mainly featured stories based on Darkwing Duck, with a few stories based on Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Goof Troop published throughout the comic's run. (Stories based on DuckTales and Bonkers, however, were only done as 1- or 2-page gags.)

Infamously, three Darkwing Duck stories published in the title ("Sleep Ducking" in issue #2, "Megavolt Pulls a Switch" in issue #4, and "Bad Medicine" in issue #6), all drawn by Andres Klacik, depicted St. Canard as having a population consisting mostly of humans, despite that the show never did such a thing. Even worse, the first of these stories featured Anna Matronic (who had previously only appeared in the episode "In Like Blunt" and the storybook The Silly Canine Caper) as a red-haired human woman resembling Dexter's Mom from Dexter's Laboratory.

Issue guide

Cover Issue # Published
150px 1 September 1994
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Kitchen Clean-Up"
  • Goof Troop: "The Paint Job" (1-page gag)
  • TaleSpin: "Welcome to Gumbeaux, Bubble Gum Capital of the World!"
  • Bonkers: "Wash Day Blues" (2-page gag)
150px 2 October 1994
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Sleep Ducking"
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: "Disappearing Act!" (3-page gag)
150px 3 November 1994
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Club Mud, the Last Resort"
  • Darkwing Duck: "Batteries Not Included"
Disney Afternoon Marvel 4.jpg 4 January 1995
Featured stories:
  • DuckTales: "Fins Ain't What They Seem!" (1-page gag)
  • Darkwing Duck: "Megavolt Pulls a Switch"
  • TaleSpin: "Painting the Skies!" (1-page gag)
  • Goof Troop: "Bad Connection" (1-page gag)
  • Darkwing Duck: "Short Ride" (2-page gag)
TDA comic issue 5.jpg 5 February 1995
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Mole Mania"
  • Darkwing Duck: "Faster Than a Speeding Ticket"
Tdacomic6.png 6 March 1995
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Bad Medicine"
  • DuckTales: "Cinematic Cycling!" (1-page gag)
  • Goof Troop: "Dog Days"
Disney Afternoon Marvel 7.jpg 7 April 1995
Featured stories:
  • TaleSpin: "Law of the Bayou"
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: "Race Ace" (2-page gag)
  • Darkwing Duck: "Flower Power" (1-page gag)
  • Goof Troop: "The Toys of Summer"
Tdacomic8.png 8 May 1995
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "Beating Beets"
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: "Cheese Miner's Daughter"
Tdacomic9.png 9 June 1995
Featured stories:
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: "Haunted Mouses"
  • Darkwing Duck: "A Picnic Is No Picnic" (1-page gag)
  • Goof Troop: "Woolly Bully"
Disney Afternoon Marvel 10.jpg 10 July 1995
Featured stories:
  • Darkwing Duck: "The Big Snooze"
  • Bonkers: "Bonkers Baby Buggy Bumpers" (2-page gag)

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